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Detox and Associated Emotions

Detox and Associated Emotions 

The detoxification process can effectively eliminate unwanted and toxic substances from the body. It’s key role is to bring the body back into equilibrium which allows our body to function at its maximum potential. Restoring this balance is achieved by removing toxins that are not natural to our body or bioaccumulate in our tissues. While most people are aware of the physical detox symptoms such as headache and fatigue, this removal process can also be an emotional one. An emotional release from detoxing is common and temporary. 

Healing through detox is to draw out toxic substances from the body. As these toxins are brought forward, our bodies must take on a considerable boost of repercussions and inflammation from these harmful substances that can impact our organs and body systems. One being the brain, which is why our moods can be impacted so unexpectedly. 

As your body is working hard to handle the varying levels of toxins being released, sudden moods may transpire and pass. It is important to remember that these intense fluctuations are only temporary and that the overpowering emotions that you feel will not last forever. If the emotional effects are too extreme or last too long, this could be an indication that your body simply was not ready for that extent of a detoxification yet. This is okay, healing is not linear and works at different paces for every single person. 

The detox process does not look the same for every individual. Some may not experience emotional symptoms, some might not. These emotions may not be immediate or even present at every stage of the process. Everyone’s healing looks different but remembering that this is a common experience to go through while detoxing might make it feel less overwhelming. 

These emotions, while unpleasant, are just your body’s response to the release of toxins. This is a great time and opportunity to let go of negative emotions that do not serve you. Take care of your temple babe.


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