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How Nudity Boosts Self-Confidence

Body image dissatisfaction has become a growing global issue among women and men. The emergence of social media has created unrealistic ideals of attractiveness. Exposure to media-based standards, especially ones emphasizing an unattainable body weight, damages one's self-esteem. Multiple studies have shown that spending time in the nude has psychological benefits.

This may seem strange to some, but it doesn’t have to be. Being nude is natural and strips us of all barriers we try to hide behind, plagued with shame. However, being naked does not come naturally to everyone. If everyone was born naked, why is it so taboo?


Physiological Benefits

Body image and self-esteem are intertwined issues. Being uncovered allows you to become more comfortable and accepting of your skin. The more exposure, the more accepting you become, which leads to an appreciation of the body. Feeling entirely satisfied in rocking nothing takes time and a lot of security, but disrobing in increments over time can help.

Naturalist Lifestyle

Naturalism is the concept of being publicly naked without a sexual context. A recent study from the University of London by Dr. Keon West revealed that being nude around others boosts self-esteem. Negative body image is derived from unrealistic pressure to achieve an idealistic body type, and exposure to different body types recalibrates your perception of a healthy body type. The study also shows that public nudity can reduce social anxiety through an even playing field and decrease the fear of being judged.


Tips for Feeling More Confident in the Nude

Now we’re not suggesting that everyone should flock to the nearest nude beach. Spending time by yourself in the nude is just as beneficial. Just spend even a few minutes behind closed doors, and you will start to feel the health benefits. If you're just starting your journey, we suggest brushing your teeth or standing in front of a mirror in the nude. Instead of a quick shower, take a bath and spend more time connecting with your body. We suggest using our Bye Bye Stress soak to help you relax and focus on nurturing your inner self. If you’re starting to feel more confident, try sleeping in the nude. Sleeping in the nude allows you to accept your body and helps regulate circulation and temperature. The most important relationship you will have is with yourself, so always take time to show yourself some love.



Image: Rob Woodcox


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