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Mental Health Benefits of Bathing

Historically, bathing has always been about more than personal hygiene. In ancient times, cleanliness was seen as a status of beauty and power and public bathing was a form of socialization and built communities. Today, bathing is associated with self-care after a stressful day. However, studies show that the benefits of bathing are more than just skin deep, baths can have great benefits to your mental health as well. 

Resafrch shows that a 30-minute warm bath at 104 Fahrenheit improves depression. Warm baths are also linked to decreases in stress hormones and more balanced serotonin levels, which help regulate mood.

Body Temperature

Hot baths are particularly powerful because they warm our bodies core temperature. Increased body temperature at night helps synchronize our natural circadian rhythms, the daily fluctuations in behavior and biochemistry that affect every one of our organs, including the brain. This can lead to better sleep patterns, along with improved quality of sleep and overall mental wellbeing. Warm baths help ease physical tension in the body, relax anxious muscles, loosen up tight muscles as well, leaving you feeling loose and de-stressed. 


We live in a digital world and are exposed to blue light from our computer and mobile screens all day long. This exposure can cause mental exhaustion and headaches. If your bathroom has natural light, consider taking a bath during the day. Taking a bath in natural lighting can lead to an improved sense of wellbeing, and better sleep. For night time bathers, consider leaving the lights off and lighting a candle. Exposure to artificial light at night suppresses melatonin, interfering with sleep timing and quality. Remember to keep your mind quiet, and focus on the sound of water around you for complete mental relaxation.


The bath can be the perfect place to meditate if you struggle meditating in other settings. Take a moment in the bath when your body is already physically relaxed, this should be easier to empty the mind and meditate. Immersed in the water, close your eyes and take long, deep breathes. The practice can also help calm down your sympathetic nervous system. Over time, mindfulness meditation can strengthen areas of your brain responsible for learning, attention and self-awareness. 

A good bath can have a significant impact on the mind. Make your space your own, get the water temperature just right, set the mood with your lighting, and zen out. If you want to take your bath game to the next level, we recommend adding in a bath soak as well to soak your worries away. Our bath soaks are made with essential oils such as lavender and rose that create soothing aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can be a brilliant option for helping reduce stress and anxiety, relieving headaches, and improving the quality of sleep. 

See what works for you to have your moment of peace, and enjoy! 


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