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Physical Benefits of Bathing

Bathing has been a common practice since the Stone Age, and for good reason. Slipping into a warm and pleasant bath is the height of relaxation. Water is so relaxing that it is often used for Hydrotherapy to treat many ailments. Today we are focusing on how taking a bath helps the body.

Improves your respiratory system 

Being immersed in water is proven to improve your oxygen intake. Bathing in warm water forces your heart to beat faster, which forces oxygen throughout your body. Additionally, the warm water creates steam, helping clear out your sinus system. The weight of the water on your chest makes it harder for you to breathe. This may sound scary, but it actually improves your lung capacity and oxygen intake.

Balances hormones

Hormones released by the pituitary gland, such as adrenocorticotropic hormone, can become irregular, causing Hypopituitarism. However, bathing in colder waters can help fertility issues like this and even chronic fatigue syndrome. Additionally, bathing in warm water is shown to increase serotonin levels. 

Heals wounds

Taking a bath can help soothe infected sores and wounds. Soaking in salt water helps to clean and promote healing by a process called osmosis. The salt forces liquid that may contain bacteria out of the wound. However, some wounds should be kept dry so research before taking a dip. 

Alleviates muscle and joint pain

There are many physical benefits to bathing in warm water when you have muscle or joint pain. The heat from the warm water helps relax your muscles, soothe your joints, and improve mobility. The minerals in epsom salt have an anti-inflammatory reaction to help increase cells that mediate inflammation and relieve pain. We recommend using Bye Bye Pain, which combines CBD and potent anti-inflammatory oils to create a natural pain-killer that reduces swelling and discomfort.

Improves blood flow

A warm bath can help improve blood flow to the feet and increase circulation throughout the body. The warm water also causes your blood vessels to open, which causes your blood pressure to lower. 

Moisturizes your skin 

If your skin has difficulty retaining water, soaking in a bath can help hydrate your skin. For people with dry skin or eczema, make sure to bathe in lukewarm water. When taking a bath, make sure not to use bubble bath. Many bubble bath products contain chemicals that strip your skin of necessary oils. Instead of bubbles, we recommend using Bye Bye Dry, which contains coconut milk powder, colloidal oats, and organic oils to replenish moisture.


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